Commit 63930231 authored by Hamza HRAMCHI's avatar Hamza HRAMCHI
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FIX #16982 TIME 0:05 wording + translate

parent ae8fe316
......@@ -521,6 +521,9 @@
"noConnector": "The associated connector does not exist",
"otpVisaUser": "The user will be notified by <b> email </b> at the time of his turn in the workflow.",
"messageSaved": "Message saved",
"manage_customizationAdmin": "Customize the login page"
"manage_customizationAdmin": "Customize the login page",
"internalUserOtpMsg": "The other signature modes will no longer be available for <b> {{user}} </b> after validation.",
"external": "External",
"otpSignaturePositionMandatory": "The signature position for external users is mandatory."
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@
"otpVisaUser": "L'utilisateur sera notifié par <b>courriel</b> au moment de son tour dans le circuit.",
"messageSaved": "Message enregistré",
"manage_customizationAdmin": "Personnaliser la page de connexion",
"internalUserOtpMsg": "<b>{{user}}</b> sera converti en utilisateur externe, vous ne pourrez plus choisir les autres modes de signature.",
"internalUserOtpMsg": "Les autres modes de signatures ne seront plus disponibles pour <b>{{user}}</b> après validation.",
"externalUser": "Role externe",
"external": "Externe",
"otpSignaturePositionMandatory": "La position de signature pour les utilisateurs externes est obligatoire."
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