Maarch colored


The Maarch group holds all our official projects. You'll find here ours products and our tools.

Maarch developers use 15% of their work times to works together on their own side-projects. Those projects are also in this group.

  • maarchRM

    This application allows to store, find and display digital resources in compliance with international regulation ISO 14641-1.

  • MaarchCapture

    Maarch Capture is our main tool to feed Maarch Courrier

  • MaarchCourrier

    Maarch Courrier is an Electronic Correspondence Manager (postal mail, email, etc.) and Electronic Document Management

  • thirdPartyArchiving

    Extension for maarchRM to use medona messages in the context of private archiving.

  • archivesPubliques

    Extension of maarchRM to use SEDA messages in the context of public archiving. The thirdPartyArching must be installed first.

  • LibsExtMaarchCourrier

    External libs of MaarchCourrier (via composer or npm)

  • rendition

    Server for analysis and management of digital content formats