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Tips on writing impressive argumentative research papers

Argumentative papers are among the most common assignments given out to students of higher levels of education. It is common mainly due to the fact that it forces the students to gain an in-depth knowledge of the topic in question as one can never argue well about a topic without acquiring enough knowledge about it. The argumentative research paper format is quite different from the format for other types of papers. Starting from the choice of topic to the research and presentation methods, every stage of the process aims at the ultimate objective of proving the argumentative theory you state.

Tips on writing impressive argumentative research papers Argumentative Research Paper FormatArguments are not easy to prove; whether they are verbal or in writing. In fact, compared to verbal arguments, written ones are more difficult to prove as you cannot use your voice to apply stress to your points. There are certain basic aspects in the argumentative research paper format which, when followed, would form a strong base for your argumentative paper.

  1. An argumentative topic: You can never write my essay online about known aspects. The topic you choose for your argument paper must be capable of generating counter arguments. For example, you cannot argue saying ‘global warming is harmful’; it is a known fact. On the other hand, you can consider arguing that ‘global warming is not as harmful as is projected’, if you have enough evidence towards it, as it would definitely raise objections.

  2. A provable thesis: Do not choose a thesis which you are not sure of being able to prove. Before picking a thesis, consider the availability of sources and research tools. Once you start off, you may not get a chance to change your theory without losing valuable time and wasting a lot of energy.

  3. Credible sources and strong evidence: Among the vital elements of the argumentative research paper format are good sources and unquestionable evidence. Since argumentative papers are meant to be argued about, you must ensure that you have laid a good base for your theory with very strong evidence and reliable sources.

  4. Persuasive presentation: The tone of presentation, in an argument paper must be persuasive. Persuasive tone must be a very balanced combination of boldness and confidence. Only if you sound confident about your theory, will your audience even consider it.

  5. Powerful language: Inevitable for persuasive writing, skillful use of words can affect the impression generated towards an argumentative research paper. Hence, employ the best of your writing skills to powerfully and flawlessly write out your research paper.

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