Authored by Kevin Rudy

How to do the McAfee/activate to protect the computer from harmful viruses?

I’m using a computer system for my official tasks. I want to protect my computer system, necessary files, and folders from virus attacks, hence I want to install McAFee antivirus on my computer system. I want to install McAFee antivirus software using I don’t have experience for installing McAFee antivirus software, so I am getting stuck in the mid of the procedure. I need to open this website in the preferred browser and sign in with the account. And enter 25 digit product key code. After that, I go to the process “log into McAfee account with the right credentials. Then, I have to click on “Submit, and select country and language” button. When logged in, I can download the setup file in the downloading folder. After this step, I am getting stuck in completing the procedure. Hence, I am asking from anyone to share the easy ways to complete the installation process of McAFee antivirus on my computer system. product key 32 Bytes
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