Commit 3c6a3953 authored by Alexandre Goldstein's avatar Alexandre Goldstein
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Merge branch 'fix/BlockPreservedFromRestituted' into 'release/2.4'

Prevent the passage of a restituted to preserved archive

See merge request maarch/thirdPartyArchiving!66
parents 56eea994 6c6dd144
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ class archive extends \bundle\recordsManagement\Controller\archive
public function setStatus($archiveIds, $status)
$statusList = [];
$statusList['preserved'] = array('frozen', 'disposable', 'error', 'restituable', 'restituted', 'transferable');
$statusList['preserved'] = array('frozen', 'disposable', 'error', 'restituable', 'transferable');
$statusList['restituable'] = array('preserved');
$statusList['restituted'] = array('restituable');
$statusList['transfered'] = array('transferable');
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