Commit 3428435e authored by Cyril Vazquez's avatar Cyril Vazquez
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FIX: destruction request sent from archiver did not send authorization

request to originator
parent 598002bb
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ class ArchiveDestructionRequest extends abstractMessage
$senderOrg = \laabs::getToken('ORGANIZATION');
// Requested by archiver: send auth request to originator
if ($senderOrg->registrationNumber == $message->recipientOrg) {
if ($senderOrg->registrationNumber == $message->recipientOrgRegNumber) {
$authorizationOriginatingAgencyRequestController = \laabs::newController('medona/AuthorizationOriginatingAgencyRequest');
$authorizationOriginatingAgencyRequestController->send($message, $originatorOrgRegNumber);
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