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MaarchRM is released under the GPL v3 (or later) license, see
- Server Apache 2.4 (or greater)
- Module Apache rewrite_module
- Module Apache env_module
- PHP 5.4 (or greater)
- Extension PHP fileinfo
- Extension PHP mcrypt
- Extension PHP pdo
- Extension PHP pdo_pgsql
- Extension PHP xsl
- Application 7z
- JAVA 1.7 (JRE)
- Upload MaarchRM to your webserver.
- Check your time zone configuration in php.ini
- Create the repository *\<MaarchRM_Path\>/web/public/dependency*.
- Create a symbolic link of *\<MaarchRM_Path\>/dependency/html/public* named
*html* in that folder.
- For linux users : Create a symbolic link of 7zip executable named *7z* in
that same folder.
- In *\<MaarchRM_Path\>/data/maarchRM/conf*, copy the files
configuration.ini.default and confvar.ini.default as configuration.ini and
- For Windows users : Uncomment the “zipExecutable” line of the configuration
*\<MaarchRM_Path\>/data/maarchRM/conf/conf.d/dependency\#fileSystem.ini* and
write the right path of your 7zip executable.
- Configure MaarchRM to connect to your database in the file
*\<MaarchRM_Path\>/data/maarchRM/conf/confvars.ini* .
- The structure of the database can be setup by the script file
*\<MaarchRM\>/data/maarchRM/batch/pgsql/* and the
*\<MaarchRM\>/data/maarchRM/batch/pgsql/* will give you the data
to start with.
- A default virtual host to run the application can be find in
*\<MaarchRM\>/data/maarchRM/conf/vhost.conf.default* (
for windows user). Copy that file and include the virtual host to your
apache server.
- Login to the application throw your web browser (default admin user/password
is “superadmin”/”superadmin”).
- You are ready to go !
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