Verified Commit f6db2e8b authored by Cyril Vazquez's avatar Cyril Vazquez
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Add forgottent password request to csrf whitelist to avoir error

parent 46b2170c
......@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ blacklistUserStories = "[
; 'cookieName' Name of the cookie whose value is the csrf token
; 'tokenLenght' Token size
; 'lifeTime' Token validity in seconds (defaults 3600)
csrfWhiteList = "['user/login', 'user/password', 'user/prompt', 'user/logout']"
csrfWhiteList = "['user/login', 'user/password', 'user/prompt', 'user/logout', 'user/generateResetToken']"
csrfConfig = '{
"cookieName" : "CSRF",
"tokenLength" : 32
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