Verified Commit ebf3c349 authored by Alexandre Morin's avatar Alexandre Morin
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Hotfix integrity check

parent 4a29da20
......@@ -129,9 +129,9 @@ trait archiveComplianceTrait
$this->lifeCycleJournalController->logEvent('recordsManagement/periodicIntegrityCheck', 'recordsManagement/serviceLevel', $serviceLevel->serviceLevelId, $eventInfo, $success);
$totalNbArchivesToCheck += nbArchivesToCheck;
$totalNbArchivesInSample += nbArchivesInSample;
$totalarchivesChecked += archivesChecked;
$totalNbArchivesToCheck += $nbArchivesToCheck;
$totalNbArchivesInSample += $nbArchivesInSample;
$totalarchivesChecked += $archivesChecked;
$logMessage = ["message" => "%s archive(s) to check", "variables"=> $totalNbArchivesToCheck];
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ msgid "The end date is lower than the begin date."
msgstr "La date de fin est antérieure à la date de début."
msgid "An owner is already defined."
msgstr "Un Opérateur d'Archive est déjà défini."
msgstr "Un Opérateur d'Archivage est déjà défini."
msgid "Role not created"
msgstr "Rôle non créé"
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