Commit 453cd6f8 authored by Arnaud Pauget's avatar Arnaud Pauget
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fix() : change route URI in configuration and SQL to prevent error on periodic integrity Check

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......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ INSERT INTO auth."servicePrivilege" ("accountId", "serviceURI") VALUES
('System', 'audit/event/createChainjournal'),
('System', 'batchProcessing/scheduling/updateProcess'),
('System', 'lifeCycle/journal/createChainjournal'),
('System', 'recordsmanagement/archivecompliance/readPeriodic'),
('System', 'recordsManagement/archiveCompliance/readPeriodic'),
('System', 'recordsManagement/archives/deleteDisposablearchives'),
('System', 'recordsManagement/archives/updateArchivesretentionrule'),
('System', 'recordsManagement/archives/updateIndexfulltext')
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