Commit 2cc64b13 authored by Alexandre Morin's avatar Alexandre Morin
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Merge branch 'hotfix/2.2.4' into 'Support/2.2.X'

Fix check integrity journal

See merge request !231
parents b7c918c5 f9efaab8
......@@ -787,7 +787,7 @@ class journal
$nextJournalResource = $archiveController->getDigitalResources($nextJournal->archiveId)[0];
$nextJournalContents = $nextJournalResource->getContents();
$chainEvent = explode(',', strtok($nextJournalContents, "\n"));
$chainEvent = str_getcsv(strtok($nextJournalContents, "\n"));
// For older version compatibility
if (count($chainEvent) < 7) {
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