Commit 15cde1c8 authored by Arnaud Pauget's avatar Arnaud Pauget
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Merge branch 'fix/18284/collectionDisplay' into 'develop'

fix display bug + fix trads + disable btn 'remove All' if table empty

See merge request !688
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......@@ -1321,10 +1321,10 @@ msgid "Object"
msgstr "Objet"
msgid "Archive added to collection."
msgstr "Archive ajoutée aux favoris."
msgstr "Archive(s) ajoutée(s) aux favoris."
msgid "Archive removed from collection."
msgstr "Archive retirée des favoris."
msgstr "Archive(s) retirée(s) des favoris."
msgid "Remove All Collections"
msgstr "Supprimer tous les favoris"
......@@ -6,6 +6,13 @@
$('#deleteCollections').on('click', function() {
var collectionLength = $('#archiveList_table').DataTable().rows().count();
if (collectionLength < 1) {
ArchivesAction.updateCollection([], true, null, null);
}, 200)
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