Commit 882caf60 authored by Florian Azizian's avatar Florian Azizian

Update lang-nl.ts

parent 2f93367e
...@@ -1092,8 +1092,8 @@ export const LANG_NL = { ...@@ -1092,8 +1092,8 @@ export const LANG_NL = {
"addRootFolder": "Add root folder", //_TO_TRANSLATE "addRootFolder": "Add root folder", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"folderUpdated" : "Folder updated", //_TO_TRANSLATE "folderUpdated" : "Folder updated", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"in" : "in", //_TO_TRANSLATE "in" : "in", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"classifyQuestion" : "Do you want classify", //_TO_TRANSLATE "classifyQuestion" : "Do you want to classify", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"moveQuestion" : "Do you want move", //_TO_TRANSLATE "moveQuestion" : "Do you want to move", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"classify" : "Classify", //_TO_TRANSLATE "classify" : "Classify", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"mailClassified" : "Mail(s) classified", //_TO_TRANSLATE "mailClassified" : "Mail(s) classified", //_TO_TRANSLATE
"noAvailableFolder" : "No available folder", //_TO_TRANSLATE "noAvailableFolder" : "No available folder", //_TO_TRANSLATE
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