Commit 68a81aa0 authored by Alex ORLUC's avatar Alex ORLUC

FEAT #13581 TIME 0 fix

parent cb3a7062
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
<div *ngIf="loading" class="loading">
<mat-spinner style="margin:auto;"></mat-spinner>
<mat-tab-group #pjList style="width: 100%;" [(selectedIndex)]="indexTab" (selectedIndexChange)="test($event)" *ngIf="!loading">
<mat-tab-group #pjList style="width: 100%;" [(selectedIndex)]="indexTab" (selectedIndexChange)="updateFile($event)" *ngIf="!loading">
<mat-tab *ngFor="let attachment of attachments; let i=index" [disabled]="isDocLoading()">
<ng-template mat-tab-label>
<span [class.complete]="isPjValid(i)">PJ n°{{i+1}}&nbsp;<i *ngIf="isPjValid(i)"
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