Commit 75d35acb authored by Quentin Ribac's avatar Quentin Ribac
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FEAT #18541 TIME 0 typo

parent 4fb914e3
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ echo "Set user git : $GITLAB_USER_NAME <$GITLAB_USER_EMAIL>"
git config --global "$GITLAB_USER_EMAIL" && git config --global "$GITLAB_USER_NAME"
git remote set-url origin "https://gitlab-ci-token:${TOKEN_GITLAB}@${GILAB_URL}/${CI_PROJECT_PATH}"
git remote set-url origin "https://gitlab-ci-token:${TOKEN_GITLAB}@${GITLAB_URL}/${CI_PROJECT_PATH}"
git branch -D $major_version
git pull origin $major_version
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