Commit 181764a4 authored by Florian Azizian's avatar Florian Azizian
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FIX #17055 TIME 0:10 Add reinit sql sequence

parent 0af94309
......@@ -18,3 +18,9 @@ select setval('listinstance_id_seq', (select max(listinstance_id)+1 from listins
select setval('listinstance_history_id_seq', (select max(listinstance_history_id)+1 from listinstance_history), false);
select setval('listinstance_history_details_id_seq', (select max(listinstance_history_details_id)+1 from listinstance_history_details), false);
select setval('entities_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from entities), false);
select setval('resources_tags_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from resources_tags), false);
select setval('emails_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from emails), false);
select setval('acknowledgement_receipts_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from acknowledgement_receipts), false);
select setval('registered_mail_resources_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from registered_mail_resources), false);
select setval('resources_folders_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from resources_folders), false);
select setval('resource_contacts_id_seq', (select max(id)+1 from resource_contacts), false);
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