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- developpment of a webservice client REST.
- Can choose custom Capture.xml in script
Ex: php MaarchCapture.php init -ConfigName Capture_custom -BatchName CAPTURE_MAIL
- Can choose custom MaarchWSClient.xml in Capture.xml
Ex: <step function="processBatch" module="MaarchWSClient" name="SendToMaarch">
<input name="WSDL">maarchcourrier</input>
<input name="Process">IMPORT_MAIL_1</input>
<input name="CatchError">false</input>
<input name="configFile">MaarchWSClient.xml</input>
- Fix warnings :
PHP Warning: Declaration of Workflow::load($id, $directory) should be compatible with DOMDocument::load($source, $options = NULL)
PHP Warning: Declaration of Batch::load($BatchId, $envDirectory) should be compatible with DOMDocument::load($source, $options = NULL)
......@@ -40,7 +21,7 @@ Maarch modules:
git clone -b 1.2
git clone -b 1.4
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